Style. Durability. Luxury.

Builder City’s selections are not just showroom ready for interior design, but they are investments in both dependability and taste.

Our showroom in San Gabriel can inspire you with ideas for your bathrooms. These templates are built with current trends and technology in bathroom interior design. The displays in the showroom are in different sizes, reflecting the variety of luxurious to designer bathrooms on the market. These will reflect realistic layouts that can be done in homes today, not the maximization of several products on walls.

Builder City carries higher-end and luxury brands that are only available in kitchen and bath showrooms. Our representatives are intimately familiar with the needs of our consumers to best advise how to shop for your home.

Our displays are interactive, allowing our visitors to feel certain if a toilet or faucet is right for their home. We have several faucets installed with running water to see the finish and feel the output of each model. There is a row of demonstration toilets where you can compare the flush power and techniques of each bowl. This is far more preferred than looking at static objects in a hardware store or pictures online.

Many of the water fixtures you will find in Builder City are German-made. When looking for a faucet store, you need faucets that are stylish and dependable. These parts have a solid brass base and replacing parts are rare with superior quality construction and materials. Our faucets are long-lasting not just luxurious and deserve to be part of your perfect kitchens and bathrooms.

The toilets we offer, like Toto and Duravit, comply with the California green codes and offer the latest in design. This includes some offerings of the most recent technological advances from Japan for commode comfort. A few choice commodes have the bidet toilet seats, meant to wash the undercarriage using touch controls.  Bidets are a new trend in comfort and hygiene and we have the latest models available in our showroom. Skirted toilets make cleaning easier when the plumbing fixtures are not exposed and the overall smooth design is pleasant. The tornado flush feature uses design to make the cleaning the inside of the toilet more thorough. The two-button feature on many toilet models saves water by flushing only the water you need, making this green.

Wall-mounted toilets help save space in smaller bathrooms and make the room easier to look spotless.

Builder City offers many selections of freestanding bathtubs which are the latest in bathroom trends. We also have different water fixtures from the standard wall-mounted tub faucets to the contemporary look of freestanding tub faucets. This bathtub store also offers drop-in tubs to incorporate these containers into your custom interior designs.

When looking for bathroom vanity stores, consider Builder City’s wide selection of prefabricated vanities. These vanities come with countertop and cabinet in one piece so it will look exactly that way in your bathroom. Our bathroom vanity showroom features trusted brands such as Vinnova, JW Marble, Tona, and Innocraft. These vanities have features such as lights that turn on when you open the drawers and soft close cabinet doors. Builder City also has an assortment of vessel sinks, some of which are incorporated into the prefabricated vanities. Above these vanities, we have a selection of LED mirrors, mimicking the Hollywood vanity mirror with lights, but with a new technological twist. With one touch, the backlight on these mirrors glows with a luminescence that is not harsh to the eyes.

The rest of our showroom is dedicated to showing the complete interior design package. We work with preferred partners and use their products show in our displays and where to order them. This also provides advantages for our customers with select deals from us for working with our partners in your design.

Let Builder City become your full-service business for your luxury bath interiors and kitchen fixtures.